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“Having ‘genomic medicine’



is increasingly

becoming a mark of leading

health systems”

- Genetics in Medicine, July 2014

Informatics Systems. Genomic Interpretation. Cutting-Edge Research.

We deliver the bioinformatics infrastructure and insights you need to accelerate your translational genomics initiatives and build industry-leading clinical NGS testing programs.

knosys-logo-sloganThe knoSYS provides labs with a scalable, production-grade informatics system for the analysis, annotation, and interpretation of human next-gen sequence data (genome, exome, targeted gene).

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knomeDiscovery-logo-sloganWith our knomeDISCOVERY service, we provide pharmaceutical and academic researchers with an end-to-end solution for studying large numbers of human exomes and whole genomes.

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Upcoming Webinar: CPT Codes for Genomic Sequencing Procedures: Current and Future Reimbursement

Presenter: Charles Root, PhD, CEO of CodeMap
Date: Thursday, January 22
Time: Noon EST, 60 minutes
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Featured Webinar: Supporting Genomics in the Practice of Medicine

Presenter: Heidi Rehm, PhD, FACMG, Chief Laboratory Director of the Laboratory for Molecular Medicine at Partners Healthcare
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