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  • Knome thoroughly characterized both known and novel variants in these genomes. Their analysis helped clarify which variants were most important, greatly accelerating our discovery. Overall, the findings support a new scientific understanding that common and serious diseases like PD [Parkinson's disease] can be due to rare genetic variants.

    Dr. Carles Vilariño-Güell
    Dr. Carles Vilariño-GüellUniversity of British Columbia
  • They handle the entire interpretation process, from sequencing to functional interpretation. We find real value in outsourcing to a vendor who has the team and tools already in place - and is 'battle-hardened'.    

    James Clement
    James ClementCEO of Androcyte LLC
  • I have been extemely impressed with my interactions with Knome. They are clearly experts in the field, extememly helpful and provide a software interpretation program that greatly assists in reviewing exome profiles.    

    Michael Gollob
    Michael GollobOttawa Heart
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Knome, Inc. is a leading provider of human genome interpretation systems and services. We have helped clients in two dozen countries identify the genetic basis of disease, tumor growth, and drug response. Designed to accelerate and industrialize the process of interpreting whole genomes, exomes, and gene panels, Knome’s big data technologies are helping to smooth the healthcare industry’s transition to molecular-based, precision medicine.
Our Vision
Our vision is to help clients use genomics to make better decisions. We believe the genome will serve as the lens through which all medical data is viewed – helping prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. Our view is that genomics is the foundation of precision medicine – the use of molecular and other data to accurately identify disease and enable effective, person-centered treatment.
Our Future
To date, whole genome sequencing and interpretation has been explored by pioneers, promoted by celebrities, and applied by researchers. Now, medical institutions are beginning to apply the genomic knowledge the scientific community has accumulated to individuals with cancer and rare/idiopathic disease. As genome sequencing enters its broad adoption phase, we are excited to help make precision medicine a reality.
Our History
George Church, Founder
Led by George Church, Knome was founded based on the recognition that the rapidly falling price of whole genome sequencing would create substantial market need for whole genome interpretation technologies and services.
DNA strands
In 2008, Knome interpreted the genome of the third named person to be sequenced—Dan Stoicescu, who followed Craig Venter and James Watson.
In mid 2009, we launched kGAP, our genome interpretation engine, and began interpreting whole genomes for a variety of academic, pharmaceutical, and biotech researchers around the world.
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In 2010, we successfully assisted researchers at the University of British Columbia identify the sixth known inherited gene defect causing Parkinson’s disease.
The Human Genome Interpretation Compnany
Today, we are known as The Human Genome Interpretation Company, interpreting human genomes for clients in two dozen countries.
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